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Monday, 14 December 2009

hunter s thompson

hunter s thompson
he was crazy.
dead heat with kurt vonnegut jr for the best death of the last five years.

Saturday, 12 December 2009

mark oliver everett

mark oliver everett for jmag
the accompanying article discussed mr. everett's beard as the inspiration for the new eels album, hombre lobo.

a deer

a deer for a tshirt

sleepwalking dog

it is best to not wake a sleepwalking dog.
actually that's pretty much a myth. you can wake him. but don't. okay?

tony abbott

tony abbott makes me feel a little ill
he looks like a shark. he says stupid things.
i wonder if these people lose their humanity through their position, or whether they can only achieve their position through a lack of humanity.

bang bear 2

bang bear layer 2

bang bear 1

bang bear layer 1

kylie has demons

yes. yes she does

kylie has lunch

that's not true, but whatever

johnny cash

johnny cash - dipped

thom yorke

thom yorke - dipped

lily allen

lily allen - dipped

man with butterfly wings

i imagine he's a little too lazy to fly


he hasn't stolen anything ... yet

janeane garofalo

janeane garofalo for jmag (not used)

chicken travels

chicken in a rocket-egg for a tshirt

that's right sunshine

i come check your pipes

bird song

i like... birds

green girl of my dreams

she's so dreamy

a bear

bear for a tshirt

johnny cash

johnny cash maybe for a print